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 Optimal Health

"The effect it has had on our Mother has been nothing short of a miracle…her symptoms of severe rheumatoid arthritis were alleviated! She was pain free and her crippled fingers straightened!"

These were the words spoken by a daughter about her mom who was thrilled to throw away her rheumatoid arthritis pills and use the probiotic solution to overcome years of crippling pain.

Don’t mortgage your health! Take two easy steps -

Step 1. Open your medicine cabinet and throw out all those outdated medicines and supplements.

Step 2. Use a quality probiotic containing super strains with proven human health benefits with a guaranteed potency through printed expiration date.

Probiotics start you on the path to optimal health. Unless you build a solid foundation, good health is only a wish, not a reality. When you realize that ninety percent of your body is bacterial cells and a mere ten percent is comprised of human cells, the importance of daily supplementation with beneficial probiotic bacteria is obvious.

Modern medicine and giant pharmaceutical companies have sold us the concept that one pill fixes one disease. How gullible are we to be taken in on this? The truth is that disease is a complicated process and while one pill may address one symptom, it does little if anything to heal all the parts of the body that are out of sync.

Optimal health starts with a gut that is functioning at its peak. No longer are bacteria considered nasty bugs that make you sick. The beneficial bacteria make you well and boost your immune system and health in a big way. When your gut is healthy, you are healthy. Beneficial bacteria live throughout your body, in your mouth, on your skin, in your mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract and urogenital tract. They fuel your body by breaking down protein and converting them to amino acids, the building blocks of cellular repair.

Expert research scientists acknowledge that their benefits could fill a book. This is what these microscopic bacteria can do for you:

  • Promote good digestion of food – hello spicy food, goodbye bothersome heartburn
  • Fight food pathogens – reduce the risk of nasty food poisoning diarrhea
  • Aid liver function and detoxification – support this vital organ
  • Boost the immune system – prevent disease from within
  • Fight fungal and yeast infections – no more unpleasant vaginitis
  • Produce vitamins and maximize their absorption – get more value out your vitamin supplements
  • Prevent and control diarrhea and constipation – your life does not revolve around bowel habits
  • Alleviate allergic conditions – less asthma, eczema, rhinitis, food, milk and lactose intolerance
  • Increase the absorption of essential minerals – especially calcium, vital in preventing osteoporosis
  • Improve gastrointestinal health – seventy percent of your immune system is located there

Without bacteria, your body could not function. Beneficial bacteria form a barrier on your gastrointestinal (GI) wall that prevents pathogenic bacteria from attaching to it and pouring out harmful toxins. These toxins loosen the tight junctions between the cells on the GI wall and let harmful components leak through into the bloodstream, causing an inflammatory response from the immune system to these “foreign invaders.” If the leaky gut continues, the ever present inflammation can become the cause of multiple diseases and health conditions.

Your army of beneficial bacteria are a force to be reckoned with. In fact, when they disappear, you find out about it in the most unpleasant way. Have you, or someone you know, experienced antibiotic-associated diarrhea? Antibiotics were the miracle drug of the 20th century but we have seriously abused them and created drug resistant super bugs. One such horror is antibiotic-resistant Clostridium difficile that multiplies out of control when antibiotic therapy makes a clean sweep of the GI tract, killing most harmful as well as most beneficial bacteria. Without the protective barrier of good bacteria lining the gut, C. diff takes over, leading to painful diarrhea and even death.

At last, after centuries of safe use, these non-toxic beneficial bacteria are being recognized by health agencies, governments, the World Health Organization and acclaimed international scientists as the medicine of the 21st Century. The difference is that you no longer need a truckload of medications to improve your health. Set yourself free with only one powerful probiotic pill a day. Good health, vitality and longevity are all within your reach.